Hotshot Racing: Review

IT’S GO GO GO! Let’s talk about Hotshot Racing, a game by Sumo, that seem to be a Ridge Racer Style game!

My Love Story!!:Review

The story of a man that seems unable to find love gets lucky and does everything in his power to keep her.

Sonic Generations: Review

Happy 60th Birthday SEGA! Let’s look at the 20th birthday game of it’s premiere franchise, Sonic Generations!

Xuan Yuan Sword Luminary: Review

Happy New Year! So, this has ended, and unlike Ulysses, I didn’t drop it half way. But just how good is it exactly? Rules as always: 1.Spoilers are abounding here folks. If you want to watch it blindly… go watch it. Spoilers are here. 2. Depending on the Anime, this can get NSFW.​3. I am watching […]

NM GameWorks #17: The Crash Recovery

Hey all! Sorry for no gameworks post last month, but October was a bit intence with some school issues…and my computer crashed… and then GameMaker MeetUp… and then triple header… but we are BACK! Let’s start off by saying that Different Spirits script is going well. During one of my University open days talks I heard […]

Ulysses:Jeanne D’Arc and the Alchemist Knight: First Impressions

Time to go back to the 1410’s as we head into the next anime I am watching this season. Though the designs are a lot more badass than the ones in 1410’s, but whatever, they look cool. Rules: ​1.Spoilers are abounding here folks. If you want to watch it blindly… go watch it. Spoilers are […]

Later Levels Question of The Month:October 2018

Question of the Month time! This time it comes from A Geeky Gal, who I featured before on the blog! She asks: In honour of Halloween, tell me what video game scared you the most. What is it about the elements, environments, music, or characters in the video game that scared you? Meg(A Geeky Gal) I’ll […]

Xuan Yuan Sword Luminary:First Impressions

Finally, I’m watching anime at the time it’s relevant! I’m not going to do episode, by episode reviews(I have no time for that, even if I wanted to do that), but this and Ulysses:Jeanne D’arc and Alcamist Mage are what I’m watching this season. This is also my first time watch anime when it’s airing, […]

Kingdom Hearts III:Post-TGS thoughts and Impressions

WOW is all have to say regarding last week. Also, I should apologise for not uploading a blog last week, I wanted to keep up with the KH news and lot of stuff happened at school. But I figured it was time for another editorial, since we got a LOT of KH News. And I […]

NM GameWorks #16:Sneak Around a Game

Hey all! So in between starting my last year of school, finishing MHA Season 2, Playing Final Fantasy XIII and the 2 game Jams I realised that I haven’t shown my stealth prototype. It’s very early on in becoming a character controller that can transform into a stealth charater, but we have a CROUCH WALK! […]

My Hero Academia Season 2: Review

Huh, didn’t take me 6 months to review. Still, does this season finally improve on what the first was lacking? Rules as always: Spoilers are abounding here folks. If you want to watch it blindly… go watch it. Spoilers are here. 2. Depending on the Anime, this can get NSFW.​3. I am watching the subbed version. […]

Konohana Kitan: First Impressions

Oh Boy, now I’m really entering weeb territory. This is my first dive into furry territory, and it was only a matter of when because… you know… ​Rules:​1. Spoilers are abounding here folks. If you want to watch it blindly… go watch it. Spoilers are here. 2. Depending on the Anime, this can get NSFW. ​3. I […]

NM GameWorks #14: The First Extra Credits Jam!

Quick Editor’s note: This was written before all the stuff around Extra Credits original host came out. Hey all, it’s been a while since I did a game jam, and to be honest, I have been neverous about doing one since the my first one.  But after my work experience Failbetter Games.  Since I only […]

Recovery of an MMO Junkie:Review

So, after a LONG wait(because school and other thing like to get into the way) I finally finished this anime! But what does this rom-com gaming anime do well? Rules as always: 1.Spoilers are abounding here folks. If you want to watch it blindly… go watch it. Spoilers are here. 2. Depending on the Anime, this […]

Later Level’s Question of the Month: August 2018

Hey all! This question of the month this month suits me very well! This month’s question was asked by That Green Dude:  Many of us say that we would like to live in a video game world but surely we would have a family. My question is, which video game characters would be a part of […]

Sunshine Blogger Award

Yay! I got chosen for something! That beings said, thank you to TheGamingDiaries for nominating me! So here are the rules: Thank the blogger(s) who nomjnated you in a blog post and link back to their blog. ​Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you. Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 […]

Tomb Raider(2013):Review

So, this game was recommended to me by my good friend HellyonWorks. If you don’t know her, I urge you to really check out her art, and give her a commission sometime.  The odd thing is, I knew of Tomb Raider: but it was through the Angelina Jolie movies. I barely remember theme, but I can […]

NM GameWorks #13: Voices of Ideas

Hey all! We Have A LOT TO COVER today, so let’s just dive into it! It seems recently I am able to take ideas from controversial subjects, and turn the negatives into positive. I can see this as a good thing, but I can also this is bad as I can do it with sensitive […]

My Hero Academia Season 2:First Impressions

So, now that exams are over, I figured it was time to get back to anime. And why not start with first impression of an ongoing one? Even thought I am a season behind. Rules as always: ​1.Spoilers are abounding here folks. If you want to watch it blindly… go watch it. Spoilers are here. […]

NM GameWorks #11: Work Experience at FailBetter Games

Disclamer,: I have signed an NDA with the company FailBetter Games, therefore I will NOT be talking anything to do with Sunless Skies. This is purely to do with what I did at the company. For all of you that don’t know, FailBetter Games are a studio based in London, who have created the games […]

Later Level’s Question of the month: July 2018

Hey all! Gaming Diaries came up with a good question of the month: It is coming into wedding season, if the shops and people I know are anything to go by. So in that spirit, you and a plus-one are attending the gaming wedding of the year. Which video game character do you take to […]

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit: Review

So, this was announced at E3 and has released as 100% FREE game. But is it worth your time?  Rules: 1.Spoilers are abounding, and depending on the game, can spoil the experience. This one in particular is very story heavy, so be warned going into the review. 2. I will not put aside any bias, […]

Video Game World Cup Pt. #2:The star of the Football Field

Hey all! Let me start by say I have been running dry on things for a GameWorks post. I don’t think one will come this month(like I said busy month for me). However, as you may know or not know, I have been getting into Street Fighter. Then I had another Idea for an entry […]

#VideoGameWorldCup: My Choices

Hey everyone! Pix came up with a amazing idea, so I decided to take part! At this time, I have 2 suggestions: Striker: Zero Suit Samus Do you see this girl’s legs? And the Jet Heels? Those would help her out on the football field. The combo of speed, power and agility would make a great […]

E3:My Best Games(Conferences Only)

Hey all! This is a bit different from what I do, but it’s E3! I am going to go through the games/DLC that I am looking forward to! None are in any order of importance besides the last one.. THAT’S THE MOST IMPORTANT. So, without further ado, here we…GO! Unravel 2I have never played Unravel, […]

New Game! Season 1:Review

Kept you waiting huh? Anyways, we are back on New Game! If you recalled the first impressions, I loved the first episode! But was it an enjoyable game through and through?  Rules as always: 1.Spoilers are abounding here folks. If you want to watch it blindly… go watch it. Spoilers are here. 2. Depending on the […]

Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle: First Impressions

This is a anime I have wanted to watch for the LONGEST TIME. I kept seeing clips on YouTube, and I was interested.  Though a word of warning, this is not available on Crunchyroll/Funimation. While I am all for supporting the creators, I do watch Kamen Rider via fan subs(It’s the only way), so I […]

Life Is Strange:First Impressions

So, I don’t want to make it a habit that I write First Impressions for games, but I felt with this game being heavy on the story, and episodic, this was one that needed it.  I kept hearing about this game, and it’s prequel, Before The Storm, but I really got to try it until […]

NM Gameworks #10.5: Game Updates

So, we have reached 10 Gameworks. Fitting since I started blogging about a year ago.  I want to thank everyone who has read my blog, liked it, shared it, made their friends read it anything of the sort.I also want to thank you all of helping me reaching 130+ view in a day on Sunday. […]

Later Level’s Question of the month: May 2018

I’m back! Exams are over, and during that time, I thought about Pix1001’s question of the month: God damn it, I render this place a lot don’t I? Anyways, while I may not have fond memories of  KH1(That game is too damn hard), I have fond memories of this place. I love the ending of […]

The Unique Blogger Award

So thanks to a new friend called LightningEllen, I have found some filler for my blogs! Thanks for tagging me(sorta). So lets’s begin! Games With Coffee Questions What qualities do you admire in a villain from your favourite game or series and why?In Kingdom Hearts, Xehanort is the best villain. Calculating with a master plan, and […]

NM Gameworks #10: Every Box has a Silver Ball Lining

Hey everyone! I planned for this a bit different of a devlog, but I had some thoughts. I honestly don’t I will finish Box Movers. The game was fun to work on, but after a while, became a chore, and I don’t want to release a sub-par project because I have to. I also had […]

NM Gameworks #09:Are “Oversexualised” Designs a bad thing?

So, I did really expect to be writing this today(at the time I started writing this), but I reallise as a game dev, I might need to answer questions like things that are in the title. It was mostly inspired by watching these 2 videos(now, just one) by one of my biggest inspirations,  From Soy […]

NM Gameworks #08: How I make a Demo Reel

Hey Everyone! Today I wanted you guys to to know how I make my Demo Reels/ShowReels. This is not going to do into too much detail, but I do expect you too know a few keythings such as what renders are, what in engine footage is and, so on. The first(and in my opinion, always […]

Haikyuu!Season 1:First Impressions

A big thank you to RainingCation on Twitter for recommending this anime, since I have never watched a sports anime before.  Rules as always: ​1.Spoilers are abounding here folks. If you want to watch it blindly… go watch it. Spoilers are here. 2. Depending on the Anime, this can get NSFW. ​3. I am watching the subbed version. This […]

Project M: First Impressions

Man, I’m on a Final Fantasy high at the moment. I am playing XIII, which has one of my favourite heroines, finally started XV, which has extreme combat that I adore, watched Advent Children, and have just Started Chrius Core. So when I came across this fan series created by ureshiii, a big name in […]

Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: True Ending:Review

I love Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. I felt the final arc was rushed due to the episode count, but I love the suits,story, characters, video game theme and you can not deny that the villains were some of the best Kamen Rider has ever seen. However, what we have here is a epilogue set after the […]

NM Gameworks #07:Extended Project and Lighting Stress

Hey everybody! So I was going to do the Fig Jam, but I have a lot going on at the moment, and I couldn’t think of anything to go with the theme. School has also kept me busy, but I managed to start work on new learning project. I am calling it the extended project, […]

My Hero Academia Season 1: Review

So, with the pressure of Maku and Tiff(In preparation for Season 3, somewhat), I binged this. And this being the first Shonen Jump Anime I have watched/review, was it good. But how good was it? Same rules as always: 1.Spoilers are abounding here folks. If you want to watch it blindly… go watch it. Spoilers […]

My Hero Academia: First Impressions

I didn’t want to pick up any more anime, but my mind told me to not watch BlazBlue for a while. This one I had heard about, but knew nothing of, so I was completely blind for this one.Same Rules as last times, but for those who don’t know:1.Spoilers are abounding here folks. If you want […]

Animal Farm:Review

So the theme for my Graphics project is film, and I have chosen to do animation as a genre. I thought about doing film reviews for a while now, and I went to see this on Sunday, so I will give it a quick review. Just a heads, while I am using screencaps from the […]

NM Gameworks #06:My first struggles and Document

Hey everyone! Sorry for a lack of updates/reviews, but one has been stressing me for the longest time: The fighting game project. ONE.SMALL.BUG. That it is all that is in my way. It floats up when I don’t want it to. That is the only thing. But still, I learned more about Mechiam in Unity. […]

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid: Review

So I just finished Dragon Maid this week, and if we recall my first impressions post of it, I liked it. However, as we go through the show, does it get better or worse?  Rules are the same as the first look, but please also note this is my opinion, not an unbiased review: 1.Spoilers […]

NM Gameworks #05: Some Questions and The Great Ninja Fighter

So, I have been testing renders with HDR lighting. I did 2 this past week, one of a Custom Tifa Model: (I copied a pose by Katuya Moonfox). This one I was not too happy with, as the lighting sort of failed in what it was suppose st to do, which was make a realistic […]

Aho Girl: Quick Look

So.. Thanks to a Youtube Clip, I learned about this show. However, the reason this is Under “Quick Look” is because there is no real story, and I feel it suits a quick look format better.  As always, rules: 1.Spoilers are abounding here folks. If you want to watch it blindly… go watch it.  2. […]

NM GameWork #04: New Demo Reel and 200+ Views in a WEEK?

Hey everyone! I have a few small things to share with you share. Firstly, I have a gamedev.net account! I will also be sharing some design things I have been doing for my personal brand, something which I want to expand in 2018. The plan is to have an OC, and a logo by the […]

Recovery of an MMO Junkie:First Impressions

I have wanted to watch this one for the longest time. I did see it want to watch when it first came out, but Autumn is stressful for me with exams and starting school. However, I was hooked by the look of this one, due to the fact that is was about an MMO player, […]

Kingdom Hearts II:Final Mix: Review

Ah, Kingdom Hearts, how I love you so. These game define my teen years, like Sonic defined my Childhood. And I know it’s weird to start with the second game in the series, but I can’t go back to 1. Man, that game has AGED.  Anyways, here are the rules for game reviews: 1.Spoilers are […]

NM Game Works #03: MY FIRST GAME!!!

Hey everyone! I know said the project would be next, but I FINISHED MY FIRST GAME! It’s called Dual In the Desert, and I made for the Game Dev Network’s Big Festive Jam. He’re a look of how I made it. I won’t beat around the bush, I think I screwed up big time. The […]

New Game! Season 1: First Impressions

No real story for how I got into this one, but the idea was interesting at least. I know I am a year late, but I  just got into Anime.Here are the rules again:  1.Spoilers are abounding here folks. If you want to watch it blindly… go watch it. Spoilers are here. 2. Depending on the […]

NM Game Works #02: Shape of a Character Controller

So…. I missed the point of the pun last blog, which was I learned how to do shape keys in the eyes. Not much else to talk about, but I learn how to make a character move! Praise the Lord! After animating the Axl Model from Megaman X8, I managed to make it move in […]

Start Your Story: Event Review

Hello, and welcome to my section of Event reviews! I will be going to events that have to do a career in Game Development. After approaching Bradford University at Create your Future, I got invited to an event, which I enjoyed. I have to say though, the panel was bad, but I do think that […]

NM Game Works #01:Rendering Shape Keys and A Failed Jam

Hey everyone! Today I just want to talk about what have been doing in Blender and Unity. Sorry for the wait, but school has kept me really busy. The first thing is that I have been creating renders non stop. Blender is really easy to use if you just want to test 3D lighting. The program is harder […]

Sword Art Online Season 1: First Impressions

So…. I am really late on this… to the point where I think I will get mass amounts of hate. I heard of this series thanks to Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, and I thought “Why Not?” Before people say anything, I know of GAMERS! and NEW GAME!, I just haven’t got around to them. Same rules […]

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid: First Impressions

As much as I love Japan, for the games and joy it brings me in Sonic, Kingdom Hearts and Kamen Rider, I haven’t watched an anime outside of Pokemon, and even then that is when it came on TV. Dragon Ball Z Kai was on Kiz, but when I saw the ads, I wasn’t interested in the […]

NM Game Works #00: Inspirations

​Hey everyone! Today I wanted to start off my game develops talking about some of my inspirations for wanting to become a game dev. So let’s just jump in this time! ​Sonic The Hedgehog Series(1991-present, various consoles) ​The blue blur has entertained me on TV since the mid-2000s, as well as plenty of fan games. However, I […]